NSP Services at a glance

NSP provides to NGOs only the following services for 2011-2013. This list may change according to evolution of the context and NGO needs. New services for 2011-2013 will be gradually implemented and added to this list. Please refer to the relevant sections of this website for more details.

Information and analysis:

    • Daily reports (sent directly through NSP mailing list)
    • Bi - Weekly reports (link sent through NSP mailing list)
    • Quarterly reports (link sent through NSP mailing list)
    • Advisories (sent directly through NSP mailing list)
    • Written Area Briefings: basic information (clan composition, history of security incidents, main contacts, medical facilities) for key locations 
    • Nairobi, Mogadishu, Garowe and Hargeisa regular security briefings
    • Ad hoc briefings on request
  • MAPS
    • Database and incident tracking: production of statistics & compilation of incidents for specific locations and time-frames, on request for NGOs


  • HEIST training
  • Country Directors and Security Managers training.
  • Crisis Management training.
  • Local Security Focal Point training.


  • Support to NGOs on request for in time of crisis situation.
  • Medical evacuations support