What is NSP ?

The NGO Safety Program (NSP) for Somalia / Somaliland is a program created by NGOs, which aims at contributing to International and National NGOs operating safely and securely in Somalia / Somaliland.

NSP, initially called the NGO Security Preparedness and Support (NGO SPAS), was established in 2004 by NGOs operating in Somalia / Somaliland. One of the driving forces that gave rise to the program was the targeted killing of five aid workers between 2003 and 2004 and the realization that the operating environment for national and international NGOs was changing rapidly. Today, Somalia is considered as one of the most challenging context in terms of security for NGOs.

Based on similar programs around the world like ANSO, the specific objective of NSP is to ensure 'NGOs operating in Somalia are receiving relevant and efficient support and preparation in terms of security'.