Oral Briefing

Regular Security Briefings:

NSP organizes regular security briefings in Nairobi and Hargeisa. These meetings are strictly for NGOs only and target Country Directors, Security Advisors or other Senior staff in charge of their NGOs safety and security. General briefings about the security evolution are given to the attendance, followed by a 'questions and answers' session. This is a good place for NGOs to meet and interlink.

- In Nairobi: meetings are organized every two weeks. Invitations are usually circulated through the NGOs consortium mailing list.

Availibility: on invitation by NSP Program manager or Information and Analysis manager

- In Hargeisa: meetings are organized every month. Invitations are usually circulated by email through the Hargeisa NSP Senior Field Officer (Yusuf Abdi Hassan).

Availibility: on invitation by Hargeisa NSP Senior Field Officer.

Ad hoc oral / email briefings:

If you cannot find your answers among the written reports and briefs provided by NSP, we warmly invite you to contact us and request for an ad hoc briefing. Typically, NGOs will contact NSP before planning missions in new areas, for traveling advisories, bor a new project opening etc...

It is always advisable to contact NSP at least 1 week before the mission, to ensure NSP staff is available and has time to answer properly the request.

NSP does not validate, organize or 'clear' any mission on behalf of NGOs: this remains the NGO sole responsability.

Availibility: on request to NSP Program manager or Information and Analysis manager.


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