General geographical maps

General geographical maps showing towns, villages, airstrips (operational and non-operational) and administrative boundaries. The maps are set to cover regions or districts but can sometime focus on specific areas that are important to humanitarian operations.

Settlements data is a revised version of the UNDP/FAO/OCHA database, corrected by NSP and integrating contributions from various NGOs and occasional field assessments. Topographic maps from British and Russian sources are used as background.

The existing maps do not yet cover the whole of Somalia but new maps will be regularly added to this page. NGOs can contact NSP should they urgently need an ad’hoc map designed to fit their own operations.

All agencies are kindly invited to share with NSP any GIS data they may have so that these maps keep being improved and updated.

These are the latest maps covering several geographical areas within Somalia / Somaliland, ready for downloading: