Services description: Response

NSP can support NGOs in their management of critical security incidents, on request only. It is important to note NSP cannot manage such critical incidents on behalf of NGOs, for legal reasons. Therefore, critical incident management will remain under the sole and entire responsibility of each NGO.

NGOs will have to expressly request support, and NSP will assess on a case basis which kind of support it can provide.

Typically, NSP can support NGOs in the following situations :

  • Threat analysis and recommendations (phone threats, verbal threats)
  • Conflict resolution (Human ressources and other contractual related issues)
  • Post security incident analysis and recommendations
  • Crisis center setup for major crisis (Kidnapping)
  • Negotiations with local Authorities (request of registration / taxation / access / arrest of staff)
  • Evacuations / medical evacuation

Please feel free to contact NSP anytime for advises and support.