General websites on Somalia:

  • Somalia NGO Consortium - Based in: Nairobi - Languages: English. The Consortium is a mechanism for international and National NGOs operating in Somalia to coordinate various activities and work together on specific issues. It is one of the main platform of exchange for NGOs.
  • OCHA Somalia - Based in: Nairobi - Languages: English. The website of OCHA Somalia, with plenty if usefull resources. To be consulted by any NGOs willing to start operation in Somalia/ Somaliland.
  • Reliefweb - Based in: - Somalia page - Languages: English
  • FNSAU - Based in: Nairobi - Languages: English. The Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FNSAU) is a program currently implemented by the FAO, which regularly provides high quality documents of reference (maps, analysis) about the humanitarian situation in Somalia.
  • International Crisis Group (ICG) - Based in: Nairobi - Languages: English

Media websites:


  • Mareeg - Based in: - Language: Somali.
  • Garowe Online - Based in: Garowe - Language: Somali and English
  • JSL Times - Based in: Hargeisa - Languages: English

  • Radio Muqdisho - Based in: Mogadishu - Language: Somali. Pro-TFG 

  • Shabelle - Based in: Mogadishu - Languages : Somali and English. Shabelle is a reliable website as well as a radio. It covers all subject regarding Somalia. it is neutral and is a media of reference on Somalia.
  • Star FM - Based in: - Languages: English and Kiswahili


  • Bar-Kulan - Based in: Mogadishu - Languages: Somali and English. Associated to a website Bar-Kulan is a public service radio set-up by the UN and AMISOM early 2010. The radio operates in Mogadishu 24/7 on FM and nationwide 1 hour per day on SW.
  • BBC Somali - Based in: - Languages: Somali. One if the main reference for news on Somalia.

  • Somalia Report - Based in: Nairobi / USA - Language: English.  A recent remarked new comer in the media covering Somalia. A reliable media, very reactive, with wide coverage of Somali issues.
  • Voice of America (VOA) Somali - Based in: - Language: Somali

Political/Institutional websites:


  • Al Qimmah - Based in: - Languages: Somali and Arabic. Djihadi forum.

  • Somali Memo - Based in: - Languages: Somali. Pro AS
  • Somali Midnimo - Based in: - Languages: Somali. Pro AS
  • Somaliland - Based in: Hargeisa - Langauges: English - various official information about Somaliland

  • Wararka Amiirnuur - Based in:  - Languages: Somali. A Somali Djihadi forum often used by the Al Shabaab movement to disseminate official communiques and videos. Also used as news channel

International Community:

  • AMISOM (dedicated website) or AMISOM (on AU website) - Based in: Nairobi/Addis Abeba - Language: English. Two official websites of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM). The dedicated website is usually more complete and up to date. Allow access to AMISOM official documents, communiques and press releases.

  • Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Based in: Addis Abeba - Language: English. Official website of the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Check in particular the weekly reports "A Week in the Horn of Africa" that often contain sections on Somalia and the foreign Ethiopian policy in that country.

  • EU NavFor Somalia - Based in: - Language: English

  • Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Based in: Nairobi - Language: English

  • Maritime Security Center - Horn of Africa - (EU NavFor Somalia) Based in: - Language: English

  • NATO (page on counter-piracy operations)- Based in: - Language: English

  • UNPOS - Based in: Nairobi. Language: English. Official website of the United Nations Political Office for Somalia (UNPOS). Allows access in particular to UN official documents, communiques and press releases on Somalia.



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